published work

From my free, 25-page eBook Brilliant Blogging (last updated April 28, 2012; a 4-minute read):

Don’t try to be brilliant every day. Just be yourself, and be concise. No one wants to read your magnum opus in one sitting every day. No one will.

From my essay Adopting Me: An Adopted Child Shares His Perspective (a 3-minute read):

I opened the letters from my birthmother for the first time.

From my short story The Urban Parasite (a 15-minute read):

My father, a compulsive liar, once told me that a person dies every time a leaf falls from a tree. If you catch a leaf before it touches the ground, you save a person’s soul.

From a fiction anthology published in December 2012 called WINTER WONDERS, all profits from which go to a charity, my story “The Sound of Snow.” (longer excerpt here):

“We want to know your child’s first word,” he says.

From my fable Five Sundays (a 4-minute read):

There was once a priest named Fr. Bernard.

I am also the ghost writer of a nonfiction book called Innovate!: How Great Companies Get Started in Terrible Times(April 2010).

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