The Foam Pit: Caption Contest

I have a wonderful 60-something coworker named Cathy. She has a fantastic sense of humor, hence her willingness to contribute to today’s blog entry. Recently, Cathy attended her granddaughter’s birthday party at some sort of child gymnasium. One of the play areas was a giant pit filled with soft foam cubes. You swing on a … Read more

Introducing: The Tournament of Made-It-Myself

In last week’s poll to determine the next tournament on this blog, the “Tournament of Made-It-Myself” won by a hair. It was so close that I’ll probably do another tournament later this year, but for now let’s focus on what this tournament entails, what you can win, and how you can enter. Tournament Details Whether … Read more

The Great Blog Tournament of 2013

After the success of the Battle Royale of Cuteness and the Tournament of Awkwardness, I’ve been trying to figure out what the next tournament would be. It needs to be something that combines photos and storytelling, as well as something that people would be excited to share with their friends. And I need to put … Read more