Contrivance #10: Single Adults

Have you noticed that all single adults–especially those 30 and over–are portrayed as unsuccessful? I started thinking about this while watching that terrible movie Young Adult. In the movie, Charlize Theron is a successful writer (albeit a ghost writer, but successful nonetheless). But the movie portrays the successful people as those who had settled down … Read more

Contrivance #7: Bad Boys

A few weeks ago when I started the movie contrivance series, two readers (I can’t remember who now) wrote in with two contrivances about bad boys: Girl meets guy, girl instantly takes a dislike to guy. Guy does not change and continues to infuriate girl until suddenly girl realised she is in love with said … Read more

Contrivance #6: Public Fountains

A few months ago, I got a text from a friend in my neighborhood. “Bob and I are going to splash around in the public fountain. U in?” she wrote. I texted back. “I wouldn’t step foot in those syringe-filled waters if you paid me.” Obviously there probably aren’t fresh needles festering in the fountain … Read more