The Nice Jeans Solution

Last week I wrote about the “nice jeans conundrum,” the internal debate to purchase or not purchase the world’s most comfortable pair of jeans. The jeans in question, which I tried on about a year ago and still think about, cost $180, which is a lot of money. That’s 180 Slurpees, people. There were many … Read more

Fudge and Puppies

At the end of my Kickstarter campaign, I told all 942 backers that if they ever ran a Kickstarter campaign for a passion project of theirs, I want to support them in some way, whether it be a pledge, a post, feedback, etc. Because many of my supporters were people who started Kickstarter projects during … Read more

Viticulture Pre-Orders and Lessons Learned from My Kickstarter Backers

Tonight at 11:59pm, my Kickstarter campaign ended. We went out with a bang, raising $8,000 in the final 24 hours to bring our total to $65,980. Which, considering that I had absolutely no idea back in August if we’d even hit our goal of $25k, is astounding. But I want to focus today on a … Read more