Mars vs. Venus: Can Workplace Romance Work?

Today I have the latest in the long-running, multi-contributor series called “Mars vs. Venus.” In these posts we explore a topic (usually relationships) from the male angle (mine) and the female angle (in this case, Katy’s). We do not read each other’s posts in advance, so I’m just as curious as you are to read … Read more

Mars vs. Venus: Can Long-Distance Relationships Work?

This is a Mars vs. Venus entry, meaning I’m going to share my male perspective, and then at the end of the entry you can click over to my blogger friend Katy’s blog for the female perspective on long-distance relationships. I’m qualified to give the male perspective because I’ve been in a number of long-distance … Read more

Mars vs. Venus: What Does Tiger Woods Owe the Public?

Mars vs. Venus is a new, hopefully ongoing series between me and fellow blogger Lauren over at My Life, Incomplete. We’ll be discussing various topics for which the variation between the male and female perspective might create a better understanding of how our two genders think. Also noteworthy is that Jamey offers the perspective of … Read more