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Which List Length of Favorites Are You Most Likely to Read?

Okay, this is the last survey in this chain. I’m curious about the optimal list length for favorites and recommendations. Like, favorite restaurants or recommended things to do. Thanks for your insight!

Which List Length of Funny Things Are You Mostly Likely to Read?

Think about this question in the context of “Top” lists, like Letterman’s Top 10 or the types of lists I post about Halloween, etc.

Which Entries Did You Like This Week?

Please shape the future of this blog by indicating all entries that you liked this week. Thanks!

What's the Best Length for You?

You may notice that I post a lot of lists on this blog. I do that because lists are easy to read and easy to skim. They’re idea for the blog format. One other interesting quality about lists is that you know what you’re getting into when you read a subject line. Maybe you read […]

Which Entries Did You Like This Week?

Poll: Posts I've Never Posted

I keep a running list of blog ideas/topics. Some are categorized under various categories (Pet Peeves/Pleases, Management Tactics, Brilliant Ideas, etc.), while most are just lumped under “Truthbits.” (If you’re curious, I use the free version of Backpack as my list software.) I’ve noticed over time that if I don’t write about an entry when […]

To Hold or Not to Hold?

A few weeks ago, Trevor sent me a query for the blog that got pushed back by my infatuation with happiness last week (by the way, did anyone try that exercise? I’m really quite curious if my results match up with anyone else’s. The exercise itself is quite gratifying). Here it is: Trevor was pumping […]

What Would You Have Done?

What Would You Have Done?

In today’s “What Would You Have Done?”, an ongoing segment that I just made up, I pose the following situation to you: Today I was walking across my gated parking lot to the back door of my apartment building when I noticed something strange. There was a two-door car parked near the door–I’ve seen this […]

Official Bachelor Party Results

This past Sunday, I posted an entry and a poll about what you’re allowed to do at your bachelor party. I was looking to establish some universal rules and guidelines about bachelor parties. Below are my conclusions and a few observations. Note that these results are based on the assumption that 30 people voted on […]

The Lemonade Experiment

I want you to answer the following question with your gut response. You’re walking through your neighborhood on a hot, sunny day when you come across a kid with two pitchers of lemonade sitting on crates on the sidewalk. There’s a little sign between the crates that says, “Lemonade, $0.99 and $1.00.” If you have […]

The Most Embarrassing Purchase at a Grocery Store

A long time ago, before I had the power to create polls on the blog, I posited that the most embarrassingĀ single item you could buy at a grocery store was a plunger. I say “single item” because if you cushion the plunger purchase with other every day purchases, it doesn’t stand out as much. But […]

Mythical Animal Fight Club, Round 1

I’m exhausted, so I’ll keep this short and simple today:

Blog Redesign

Alert reader Bob Z. sent me a link to this article this morning. The article focuses on the uproar over Facebook’s recent redesign; it points out that most people hated Facebook’s other two redesigns as well…at first. Two weeks after each redesign, people had adjusted from the change and used the site more than ever. […]

Phoning in from the Bathroom

You’ve had this happen to you. You’re on the phone with a significant other or friend. You’re talking, laughing, blah blah blah…and then you hear a toilet flush in the background. You have to ask. “We’re you…going to the bathroom?” “Uh, yeah.” Perhaps you’ve even been the perpetrator at times. The question is, is this […]

New Format?

I’m giving a new format a try for the weekend–please let me know what you think in the comment area below. Thanks! Note: Click around a little bit. I’ve made improvements to the general setup that I think work really well. I’m most curious about your response to the three-column theme on the main page, […]