What's the Best Length for You?

You may notice that I post a lot of lists on this blog. I do that because lists are easy to read and easy to skim. They’re idea for the blog format. One other interesting quality about lists is that you know what you’re getting into when you read a subject line. Maybe you read … Read more

Poll: Posts I've Never Posted

I keep a running list of blog ideas/topics. Some are categorized under various categories (Pet Peeves/Pleases, Management Tactics, Brilliant Ideas, etc.), while most are just lumped under “Truthbits.” (If you’re curious, I use the free version of Backpack as my list software.) I’ve noticed over time that if I don’t write about an entry when … Read more

To Hold or Not to Hold?

A few weeks ago, Trevor sent me a query for the blog that got pushed back by my infatuation with happiness last week (by the way, did anyone try that exercise? I’m really quite curious if my results match up with anyone else’s. The exercise itself is quite gratifying). Here it is: Trevor was pumping … Read more

The Lemonade Experiment

I want you to answer the following question with your gut response. You’re walking through your neighborhood on a hot, sunny day when you come across a kid with two pitchers of lemonade sitting on crates on the sidewalk. There’s a little sign between the crates that says, “Lemonade, $0.99 and $1.00.” If you have … Read more