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Freakonomics…and More

You’re getting a triple dose of my weekly shout out today due to some interlinked blogs. If you watched The Daily Show last night, you saw a very nervous Steven Levitt banter with Jon Stewart for a while. Orator he may not be, he’s a great writer and researcher. If you haven’t read his book, […]

An Incomplete Life Worth Reading

This is a post in my weekly series about blogs of friends and strangers that I’m really enjoying. I should preface this entry by saying that I read a lot of blogs. Google Reader makes it easy that way. Very, very few of them are personal blogs. I’d say about three. Why is that? Well, […]

The Creative Cooler

The Creative Cooler

For this week’s shout out to a blog I read, enjoy, and admire, I’d like to share with you a blog called The Creative Cooler. It’s a blog written by a friend of mine about advertising. She hasn’t been able to post all that often lately, but I assure you that it’s worth subscribing. In […]

The Makansi Effect

For this week’s edition of my shout-out entry to bloggers who are friends or people whose writing I respect, I bring you Jason Makansi’s site, I joined a freshly formed writing critique group earlier this summer, and Jason is the other male member of the group. His writing style is unique and he gives […]

In Search of Monsters

I’ve mentioned JoshVision’s new blog and website in passing on this blog before, but I figured he deserved a proper shoutout like the other blogger friends I’ve talked about recently. Josh created his site mostly to start getting the word out about a collection of short stories he’s publishing called In Search of Monsters. Josh […]

Judicial Peach

Continuing my weekly series of shout-outs to friends and other bloggers I admire, I highly suggest that you check out the blog Judicial Peach. A friend of mine–a lawyer by profession and a cook for fun–writes this cooking blog. When I write a blog entry, I basically pull from a list of ideas/schemes/ponderances and write […]

The Wellinghoff System

I’ve decided to write one entry a week about blogs written by friends of mine or people whose blogs I read every day. A friend of mine went out on a limb today and started a simple blog on WordPress to post his weekly college football rankings. This friend is a huge college football fan, […]

Pet Please #11: Parking Meters with Time Remaining

It’s almost a pet please to find a parking spot during the lunch rush. So when you finally find that spot, you’re already feeling a little lucky. You fish out a few quarters and a mangy nickel from your center console and walk over to the parking meter, only to find… …that there’s time remaining […]