I Love This Pandemic- and Winter-Era Restaurant Strategy

There’s an Italian restaurant in St. Louis called Edera that I greatly enjoy, and they recently started posted photos of “chalets” they set up on their large patio. Even without knowing anything else, I was entranced by the idea of eating in one of these: I looked into the chalets and learned that they’re just … Read more

What’s the Best Bakery You’ve Even Eaten Your Way Through?

“One of everything, please.” I came pretty close to saying that when I recently visited Nathaniel Reid Bakery per the recommendations of a few friends and the best food blog in St. Louis. When you walk in, you’re greeted with an impressive array of pastries and smells in the air to indicate that they really … Read more

A Surreal Weekend in St. Louis

You may have heard that there was turmoil in St. Louis this past weekend. A judge acquitted a white police officer for shooting a black man in 2011. There were protests in a number of places across St. Louis, most of them peaceful, but during several of them, several small businesses were damaged. You can … Read more