The Great Blog Tournament of 2013

After the success of the Battle Royale of Cuteness and the Tournament of Awkwardness, I’ve been trying to figure out what the next tournament would be. It needs to be something that combines photos and storytelling, as well as something that people would be excited to share with their friends. And I need to put … Read more

The Most Awkward Person

The people have spoken, and I’d like to officially declare Kendall the Most Awkward Person in the 2012 Tournament of Awkwardness! Congratulations to Kendall and the many, many witnesses to her awkwardness. Thanks for all of the stories. I think my favorite line still comes from Kendall herself: “Would a popular kid wear a Christmas … Read more

The Grand Finale of Awkwardness

Here we are. After a grueling three-week gauntlet of escalating awkwardness, Kendall and Sarah have made it to the finale. Each have a portfolio of awkwardness that started with a simple photo and description (Kendall and Sarah), expanded to before and after photos for comparison (Kendall and Sarah), and finally included an extremely awkward anecdote … Read more