What Happens When an Unstoppable Force Meets an Immovable Object?

The title of this entry refers, of course, to the Tournament of Made-It-Myself Final, which began last Thursday and quickly became quite the thrill ride, right up until when it ended on Sunday at 2:00. Mary and Elaine threw the full force of their social media networks behind this competition, and I’m astounded and moved … Read more

Tournament of Made-It-Myself Finals

This year’s blog tournament started a few weeks ago with the goal of letting creative people display their talents on the blog in exchange for fame, pride, some charity money, and an iPod Shuffle. After a number of eliminations–many great projects and people among them–we’ve reached the finals. For the finals, I only asked one … Read more

Introducing: The Tournament of Made-It-Myself

In last week’s poll to determine the next tournament on this blog, the “Tournament of Made-It-Myself” won by a hair. It was so close that I’ll probably do another tournament later this year, but for now let’s focus on what this tournament entails, what you can win, and how you can enter. Tournament Details Whether … Read more