5 Quick Ideas (Including at Least 1 That May Already Exist)

I’ve had a few random product ideas recently. Let me know your favorite of the bunch:

  1. Antiviral pocket liner: The pandemic has essentially removed the idea of shaking hands, and I’m not entirely against that change. But for those times when you really need to do that but you don’t want to immediately sanitize your hand in front of the person, how about an antiviral pocket liner? Just stick your hand in your pocket, twist it around a bit, and you’re good!
  2. A Rotten Tomatoes filter for non-racist, non-sexist, non-homophobic movie lovers: I look at Rotten Tomatoes whenever I’m considering a new show or movie, but lately some bigots seem to have figured out that they can tank the viewer ratings, which completely skews the audience rating for shows like The Rings of Power and movies like Bros (and, inevitably, the live-action remake of The Little Mermaid).
  3. A Pez dispenser pill bottle: I take a daily over-the-counter allergy pill, and every morning I shake a pill into my palm. However, usually it’s a cascade of pills that fall out of the bottle, and I have to navigate putting most back in so just one remains. Surely there’s such a thing as a pill dispenser that always, without fail, dispenses exactly 1 pill?
  4. A website that tells you exactly when a book or TV series hits its stride: Has someone ever recommended a show to you, but with the caveat like, “You need to watch until the 4th episode–that’s when it gets good.” I want that for all books and shows so that when I’m trying something new and doubting whether it’s for me, I can see how much deeper I need to delve before making a choice. This was recently the case for Steven Universe–through 15 episodes, we think it’s fine, but it still hasn’t hooked us.
  5. TiVo for streaming: I’ve was a TiVo user–literally, TiVo, not the knockoffs–for over a decade, but I had to turn off my box when we went all-streaming. But I really, really miss TiVo tracking my shows and automatically pulling new episodes into a consolidated list. I looked it up, and it turns out there might be such a device from TiVo (a $50 dongle), though I’m curious to see if those capabilities have also been added to my old TiVo device.

Do any of these ideas already exist? Which one would you be the most likely to use.

6 thoughts on “5 Quick Ideas (Including at Least 1 That May Already Exist)”

  1. It took me about 30 episodes I think it was before I became totally hooked on Steven Universe and my goodness was it worth it!! I love your pill dispenser idea. I definitely need one of those lol

      • It was definitely not my kind of show until it was haha if you’re finding it “fine” right now, just wait til you get to the actual good stuff! I was struggling getting through even the first 15 episodes lol

  2. I agree with you about #4, that would be fantastic. If the ‘stride’ starts mid second season…I’m just gonna pass. No one should have to sit through 13 hours or more of something in order to ‘get to the good stuff’. I feel the same way about video games, and I hear it all the time. “The first 20 hours or so aren’t thrilling, but it really starts firing on all cylinders after that.”
    That’s not an endorsement, that’s a solid recommendation to spend your time on better pursuits.

    And I too miss the TiVo days. I LOVED my TiVo, it made television thrilling again. Particularly because you could look up a series and it would show you EVERYWHERE it was playing, and ask if you wanted ALL of it, or just the new stuff, or just the stuff from one channel.

    I think, considering that streaming has become broadcast television all over again, that there is a space for a new TiVo that you can give your various streaming passwords to and it will let you watch whichever thing you want, without you having to parse which freaking service it’s on.

    I literally subscribed to and canceled Paramount+ twice because I was trying to watch Wolf Like Me, which is on Peacock.

    Another golden, but little used feature of TiVo? It transcoded the shows into a video format that just about any media player could read. (My poison was VLC way back in 2005) So you could pull the hard drive from your TiVo (though some just let you USB directly in) and offload all of that content onto another external drive. That is how I took entire seasons of Scrubs and House MD with me when I deployed to Iraq.

  3. Jamey,

    I love all of them, but had to laugh as there is a Nickleback lyric that goes, “I’m gonna pop my pills from a Pez dispenser.” so they might have beaten you to it. : )



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