Two Completely Unrelated Photos That Make Me Happy

These photos literally could not be less related, but they both make me happy, and they were both taken this week.

The first is me holding my “niece,” Ella. I’m not really her uncle, but she’s my best friend’s daughter, and I’d take a bullet for her (and then have a serious conversation with the shooter about why he/she has a gun around a little baby).

This was taken just a few days ago when she was less than a week old. She’s all grown up now.


I have to say…despite my lack of desire to have children of my own, there is simply nothing better than holding a baby, especially when they’re just a warm lump.

The second photo is this:


This is homemade salmon nigiri. Whenever I’m at near Olive and 170, I always stop by Bob’s Seafood to pick up the best sushi-grade salmon in town.

Sushi might seem super fancy, but it’s actually very easy to make. A little rice, a little sushi vinegar, and some thinly sliced fish. It’s such simple, almost cleansing meal.

Have you held a baby lately? What’s the best homecooked meal you’ve made in the last week or two? Could these photos have been any less related?

4 thoughts on “Two Completely Unrelated Photos That Make Me Happy”

  1. I babysat a friend’s 8 month old on Tuesday and we had a glorious gigglefest. I’ve barely cooked anything lately but I am impressed by your sushi skills/dedication. And I do think these photos could be less related. For instance, one could be a stock image. One could be photoshopped into an alternate reality. While I commend their unrelatedness, I think you could have gone further.

    • “Glorious gigglefest”. That sounds awesome. 🙂

      Challenge accepted, Emma! More completely unrelated photos to come in the future.


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