What’s Your Favorite Thing to Find Inside of a Chocolate?

I’m not really into receiving gifts, but I’m always happy to acquire fancy chocolate.

Recently a business partner sent me a beautiful box of specialty chocolates, and I’ve been savoring them at a pace of 2-3 a day ever since. There were at least 20 different types of chocolates in the box, and none are labeled.

There was a time when I would have much preferred to know what I was biting into in advance, but in my old age I like the uncertainty. It could be really good, or it could be slightly less good. There’s nothing a fancy chocolatier would put into a chocolate that would cause me to spit it out (unless they start putting sauerkraut or olives in the middle).

I still have my favorites, of course. One of my greatest delights to find inside of a chocolate is…more chocolate. That’s always a winner. I like to discover peanuts, walnuts, and other nuts inside of chocolate. And most recently I found raw cookie dough inside of a chocolate. That was amazing.

What’s your favorite thing to find inside of a chocolate?