Is Learning New Games Good for Your Brain?

I learn and teach a lot of board games. It recently occurred to me that learning a new game engages my brain in a way that hasn’t happened since I was in school. And not just learning the game, but remembering all of the rules. A gamer’s brain is a veritable library of game rules. Is learning new games good … Read more


I imagine a long time ago, a few cavemen were sitting around discussing their short lives when one of them (we’ll call him Pete) said, “You know, after I die, I want my favorite club to go to Ogg.” Deeply moved, Ogg thanked his friend. “But if you’re dead, how will anyone know that you … Read more

Black Mirror and SNL

I recently steamrolled through the 6 episodes of the new season of Black Mirror on Netflix. In case you’re not familiar with the show, each episode is its own story in its own alternate universe that is very similar to the real world, except with an interesting/disturbing twist on how people interact with technology. There … Read more

Puffing the Pastry

When I was home for Christmas, the hottest dish on the table was this lobster puff pastry roll that my uncle made. I’ve been thinking about it ever since then, so a few days ago I decided to make my own version of it using shrimp instead of lobster. This dish is going to sound … Read more