Should a Successful Young Entrepreneur Still Pursue a College Degree?

There was a recent episode of Shark Tank that primarily featured young entrepreneurs. I was fascinated and curious about the sharks’ responses about college, particularly for two presenters: A young woman took a year off between high school and college instead of accepting a full-ride tuition to a great college. During that year she taught … Read more

How Does Your Cat Motivate You?

Yesterday I wrote about Steve Jobs’ unique and abrasive style of leadership. Today it occurred to me that one of my cats may ascribe to the same methodology. Around 4:00 am every morning, Biddy decides that he absolutely needs food. The problem is, as smart as he is, Biddy cannot open the fridge where I … Read more

What Is Your Favorite Position? (for working)

Recently I noticed something about the way I work: I prefer doing different types of work in different positions. Creative work (writing, prototyping, future planning): Sitting down at my desk. Logistical work (spreadsheeting, Skyping): Standing up at my desk (it’s a sit/stand desk). Brainstorming (game design/development): Turning off my computer and sitting at a separate … Read more