If You Gave a Commencement Speech, What Would You Say?

It’s graduation season, which means we get to see commencement speeches on YouTube from a variety of celebrities and dignitaries. I’ve enjoyed watching a few of them, including most recently Marques Brownlee’s 7-minute speech. I’m now curious: If you had 7 minutes to give a commencement speech to your college or high school, what would … Read more

Should a Successful Young Entrepreneur Still Pursue a College Degree?

There was a recent episode of Shark Tank that primarily featured young entrepreneurs. I was fascinated and curious about the sharks’ responses about college, particularly for two presenters: A young woman took a year off between high school and college instead of accepting a full-ride tuition to a great college. During that year she taught … Read more

What Do You Think About Smoke Breaks?

There was something bewildering at my first full-time job. Not exactly in my office, but in the building we shared with other companies. It seemed like whenever I arrived at work or took a bathroom break in the restroom shared by the entire building, I’d see the same people smoking outside. I was baffled that … Read more

How Does Your Cat Motivate You?

Yesterday I wrote about Steve Jobs’ unique and abrasive style of leadership. Today it occurred to me that one of my cats may ascribe to the same methodology. Around 4:00 am every morning, Biddy decides that he absolutely needs food. The problem is, as smart as he is, Biddy cannot open the fridge where I … Read more

The Steve Jobs Leadership Dilemma

I watched the Steve Jobs movie this past weekend in the hopes of being inspired as a leader. Instead I walked away confused. In the movie, Jobs describes himself as a conductor. Essentially, he claims to bring out the best in each of his employees, and he keeps everyone working in sync to produce the … Read more