Is There a Tooth Fairy for Cats?

My 15-year-old cat, Biddy, went to the dentist yesterday. Sadly, he returned with significantly fewer teeth. A few months ago, we noticed that Biddy had consistent nasal congestion in his right nostril. Cats don’t know how to blow their nose, so Biddy has basically walked around with a snot bubble for the last few months, … Read more

Biddy’s 14th Birthday!

The eldest and wisest of my two cats, Biddy, turned 14 today! Biddy’s previous birthday was right at the cusp of the pandemic, so he’s had an interesting year like the rest of us (from his perspective, he probably wonders why we don’t leave the house anymore and why people don’t come over for game … Read more

Biddy Is Now a Teenager!

Today is Biddy’s 13th birthday! Almost thirteen years, I adopted a little kitten from the Humane Society. Even though he’s all grown up now, in many ways he’s still a kitten–he’s cuddly, playful, always hungry, and extremely excited and pleased with himself after using the litter box. I tried to give Biddy special birthday treatment … Read more

Have You Tried a Mobile Veterinarian?

I love most things about having 2 cats. Biddy and Walter have been the source of so much joy, snuggles, and memorable moments over the last 13 years. However, one of the few things about pet ownership that I’m not fond of is the dreaded visit to the veterinarian, mostly because they get incredibly anxious … Read more

What Happened to Biddy?

Nearly 2 weeks ago after what I thought was a “normal” throw-up, I came home to find Biddy sitting in a corner soaked in his own urine (and some blood). I dropped everything and rushed him to the veterinarian. The vet founds that Biddy’s bladder was nearly bursting. A quick ultrasound didn’t show any obvious … Read more