Help Me Remember This Key Detail

Help Me Remember This Key Detail

Just to be clear, this post is all in good jest, and Megan approved me to share this tidbit of information about her. Though, also, for real, I need to remember this key detail, and I’d love to hear your suggestions! My girlfriend, Megan, doesn’t have a gall bladder. Fortunately, the gallbladder one of those […]

What’s Your Favorite Anesthesia Video?

Even as I write this, it occurs to me that it’s a little odd for family members to record each other when they’re coming out of surgery. It’s such a vulnerable time! But I’m going to assume that consent to post the videos on social media is provided. That being said, I was delighted by […]

What Were Your Favorite SNL Videos This Week?

I’m always happy when Will Ferrell makes an appearance on SNL, and this week was no exception. Below are my favorite sketches from Saturday’s episode: Did you particularly enjoy any sketches this week?

My Favorite Saturday Night Live Video from the Premiere

Last season I tried to pick my 3 favorite sketches from SNL each week to share here. While I don’t have 3 sketches that made me laugh out loud during this season’s premiere, I loved a variety of the jokes made in the Apple Picking Ad found below. What’s your favorite line from it?

What Was the Last Comedian You Saw Live?

What Was the Last Comedian You Saw Live?

On Thursday, I drove to Springfield with my girlfriend to watch Jim Gaffigan perform live at Missouri State University. I wouldn’t say this is a normal activity for me. I enjoy stand-up comedy, but it’s readily available on Netflix and Amazon Prime. But I’m really glad I went, because I had kind of forgotten how […]

If You Need a Good Laugh…

Earlier today I watched a segment on The Daily Show that made me laugh and laugh, so I wanted to share it with you. Before I share this, I want to be clear in saying that this isn’t a political statement at all. I would find this just as amusing if this footage were of […]

I Did Something Silly at 4:00 am Today

I Did Something Silly at 4:00 am Today

Last night I did something rather silly at 4:00 am, though at the time I felt quite responsible and mature. Here’s what I thought happened: At 4:00 am, I woke up to the sound of one of my cats heaving up a hairball on the floor near the foot of my bed. I briefly considered […]

What’s the Last Thing That Made You Truly Laugh Out Loud?

What's the Last Thing That Made You Truly Laugh Out Loud?

This is actually an odd question for me, as I’m an easy laugher–I laugh out loud all the time. I laughed while watching Veep today, I laughed while playing a board game tonight, and I laughed a number of times during Avengers: Endgame. But today on Twitter I saw an image completely out of context […]

Would You Wear a Hat to Save a Bird?

Would You Wear a Hat to Save a Bird?

Since I was a kid, the peregrine falcon has been my favorite bird. As a sprinter, I love speedy things: cheetahs, Dash in The Incredibles, and the bird that can dive at speeds above 300 mph. Until recently, though, I didn’t know that peregrine falcons almost went extinct in the 1960s, and they were at […]

What Happens When You Reach 10,000 Instagram Followers?

What Happens When You Reach 10,000 Instagram Followers?

Kim Kardashian. Barack Obama. Jamey Stegmaier. What do these 3 people have in common? As of tonight, we will each have at least 10,000 Instagram followers. As I write this, the count is at 9,998. It seems to reason that I will soon cross the 5-digit threshold. This is new territory for me, a coveted […]

This Is What Happens When You’re Single

This Is What Happens When You're Single

I rather enjoy being single, and on occasion this characteristic has led to some comedic moments. The most recent was when I was home for Christmas. My parents hosted a big Christmas party for some of our relatives (my mom and dad have LOT of siblings). They decided to hire a photographer to take photos […]

Do You Watch “Um, Actually”?

I’m not a trivia guy. It’s just not how my mind works–I don’t remember trivia. As a result, I generally avoid trivia nights, I don’t watch Jeopardy, and I rarely play trivia games (though I love Wits and Wagers). However, I love the CollegeHumor show “Um, Actually.” I wanted to share this love with you today. Basically, […]

My Favorite SNL Sketches This Week

Jonah Hill was the guest host on Saturday Night Live this week, and I thought it was a solid episode with some of the best material featured in the monologue and Weekend Update. However, there were two sketches that really made me laugh, so I thought I’d share them with you. The first makes a […]

My Top 3 Saturday Night Live Sketches of the Week

I wasn’t allowed to watch SNL as a kid, but as an adult, I look forward to watching new episodes each week. As inspired by Slashfilm’s weekly rundown, this season I thought I’d share my top 3 favorite sketches of the week whenever I remember to do so. I’ll post my commentary below each video […]

The Biggest Scarf in the World

I don’t have much to say today, but this video made me laugh really, really hard. Try not to look at the image–if you have 2 minutes, just click on the video, and maybe it’ll make you laugh too. What’s a recent video that has made you laugh really hard?

Are You as Awkward a Hugger as I Am?

Are You as Awkward a Hugger as I Am?

Today I had a wonderful opportunity to meet up with a reviewer who was briefly in St. Louis for business. We ate a treat at the excellent Nathaniel Reid Bakery, and then I drove him over to his meeting. Great guy, great chat–I’m happy to have met him, and I look forward to sending games […]

Have You Ever Done a Real Spit Take?

Have You Ever Done a Real Spit Take?

In case you’re unfamiliar with the term, a “spit take” is when someone responds to something humorous or shocking by literally spitting out the liquid in their mouth. I would say it’s most often seen in sketches where comedians are playing around with the idea of spit takes, and it occasionally happens in movies and […]

A Delightfully Altruistic Prank War

A Delightfully Altruistic Prank War

It’s rare that a prank war results in everyone walking away from it feeling elated. But I think it may have just happened in a very public fashion. If you watch Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, you probably know what I’m referring to. I’ll try to summarize the key steps here, but I need […]

Have You Ever Acted Like This After Drinking Coffee?

I’m one of those people who loves coffee-flavored things, but not coffee itself. For example, I love the new Espresso M&Ms. I love coffee-flavored ice cream. And–getting closer to coffee itself–I love frappucinos and Thai iced coffee. When I drink either of those last two, I’m super jittery for the next few hours. It’s a […]

4 Videos That Make Me Smile

It’s been a long day (not in a bad way) at Castle Stonemaier, so I thought I’d end it with some videos that make me smile. I’ll order them from shortest to longest. This first video is completely random humor, yet it absolutely delights me (especially at 0:16). This next video is a mashup trailer […]

What Was Your Favorite April Fool’s Prank This Year?

I know, I know, we’re a few days removed from April 1 now. But I realized I had a favorite prank to share (hopefully you enjoyed mine!), and I wanted to see if you had a favorite as well, whether it was a personal experience or a public one. There’s a game I enjoy called […]

Have You Watched “Long Haired Businessmen”?

Have You Watched "Long Haired Businessmen"?

The answer to this question is almost undoubtedly “no”. As of this posting, less than 4,000 people have watched the video I’m referring to. But I think it’s worth checking out. I subscribe to the “Funny or Die” YouTube channel, and a few weeks ago a video called “Long Haired Businessmen – Bathroom” popped up […]

I Heart Robots

Alert reader Katie shared with me an amazing video today that simultaneously made me incredibly impressed with how far robot technology has come…and made me laugh out loud. The video below should begin at the 19-minute mark, which is where the fun begins. Within a few seconds, a robot moves and kicks a soccer ball…and […]

Have You Seen Oh, Hello?

Have You Seen Oh, Hello?

One of the biggest entertainment surprises for me in a long time is how much I enjoyed watching Oh, Hello. I laughed harder and more often than I have at any TV show or movie this year. Oh, Hello was a 2-man Broadway show spanning from 2016-2017 featuring young comedians John Mulaney and Nick Kroll […]