What Is Your Most Used/Useful Mobile App?

As much as I enjoy the assurance of having my iPhone in my pocket, I’m not much of a mobile user. I’m at my desk most hours of the day, and when I’m with friends, I avoid looking at my phone at all costs. I don’t like texting or writing e-mails on my phone.

There are a few apps I value above all others. I have no doubt that they’ve made my life better. For example, I’d probably be lost in Montana right now were it not for Google Maps. And I activate Sleep Talk once a day in the hopes of catching myself say something funny while dreaming.

But my most-used app–and probably my most useful app–is called Captio.

Captio is super simple: It lets you e-mail yourself.

At any time, anywhere, you have a thought or reminder that you absolutely can’t forget, you can just click on the Captio app and either talk or use speech-to-text to jot down a message. You don’t enter your e-mail address because the app already knows it.

Later, when you’re ready to deal with that message, you’ll see it waiting in your inbox.

I use Captio the most on long car rides, as it’s some of my best brainstorming time. But I really use it any time when I’m away from the computer. Sometimes I’ll literally be walking from my computer to the kitchen and I’ll open Captio rather than returning to the office.

I love Captio and wanted to share it with you. I want to hear your most-used/useful app as well!