Puffing the Pastry

When I was home for Christmas, the hottest dish on the table was this lobster puff pastry roll that my uncle made. I’ve been thinking about it ever since then, so a few days ago I decided to make my own version of it using shrimp instead of lobster.

This dish is going to sound weird, but here’s my pitch: If you like peely biscuits, pickles, and seafood, you’ll really enjoy these savory puff pastries.

It’s a really simple recipe: Cook some shrimp or lobster. Then mix together big chunks of the meat with a box of cream cheese, lots of dill paste, some hot sauce, and some Worcestershire sauce.  Next, roll out puff pastry dough and place generous dollops of the mixture onto it like this:

Super weird, right? But it’s so good. Not raw, though. You need to bake it.

Fold over the top half of the puff pastry and seal off each dollop in its own puff pocket. Put each one separately on a cooking sheet and brush with egg. Then cook at 400 degrees for 17 minutes.

When you pull it out of the oven, it’ll look like this:

These photos aren’t really selling how delicious these are. You have this wonderful, flaky exterior and a cheesy interior punctuated by hearty chunks of shrimp. And it’s the dill that shines here–it’s the superstar of the dish.

I want to keep eating these, but I also want to put other stuff in puff pastries for savory dishes. Maybe buffalo chicken dip? Or Mexican dip? I’m open to other ideas.

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  1. Yummmmm!! I want them in my stomach! So good!

    Shrimp cocktail sauce? That sweet sauce you dip your spring rolls in at Fork and Stix?


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