How Do You Feel About Vegemite?

Over the years, I’ve tried to appreciate the Aussie bread spread of choice, Vegemite, to no avail. Each time I was told, “Put it on bread–you’ll love it!” only to wish I’d used butter instead. However, someone recently mentioned that I should try Vegemite with butter–the two can coexist! That alone probably wouldn’t have been enough, but … Read more

Puffing the Pastry

When I was home for Christmas, the hottest dish on the table was this lobster puff pastry roll that my uncle made. I’ve been thinking about it ever since then, so a few days ago I decided to make my own version of it using shrimp instead of lobster. This dish is going to sound … Read more

Top 10 Foods I Won’t Eat

At my family reunion last week, we ate well. Really well. Every meal involved at least 10 dishes cooked by a number of people. I was really impressed by the sheer variety of the food and peoples’ willingness to try new things. That said, we have some picky eaters in the family, and at least … Read more

Curry Udon of Futures Past

Yesterday I wrote about one of the worst foods ever (American cheese), so today I’m going to balance that out with a post about one of my favorite foods. When I studied abroad for a year in Kyoto, I had a weekly tradition of going to a tiny restaurant near the school for lunch once … Read more

My Bread and Butter

Bread and butter is my bread and butter. I love the combination of those two foods, particularly homemade garlic bread. I was recently telling a friend about the tasty homemade garlic bread I make. She asked, “Wow, you make the bread at home.” “Well, no,” I replied. I buy a baguette at the grocery store and insert … Read more

Top Chef Deathmatch: Uno

Lately I’ve really enjoyed Bravo’s show Top Chef. The concept of the show is simple, so simple that it may not intrigue you upon first glance: It’s reality show to determine the best chef among a group of professional and semi-professional chefs. There’s not a lot of personal drama mixed into the show; mostly it’s … Read more