Curry Udon of Futures Past

Yesterday I wrote about one of the worst foods ever (American cheese), so today I’m going to balance that out with a post about one of my favorite foods.

When I studied abroad for a year in Kyoto, I had a weekly tradition of going to a tiny restaurant near the school for lunch once a week. The entire restaurant consisted of a bar with 3 stools and 2 tables. I was often the only one there.

I ate at this restaurant for two reasons: A fondness for the old Japanese woman (we called her Okaasan) who ran the place and my favorite dish, curry udon.

IMG_4148Curry udon is basically curry soup (thick, brown soup with a kick to it), some kind of meat (usually beef), and green onion slices on top. It’s rich, hearty, and incredibly delicious. It’ll warm you to the core on a chilly day.

Thirteen years have passed since my last bowl of curry soup with Okaasan. I look for it whenever I eat at a Japanese restaurant here in St. Louis, but they never serve it. While I enjoy cooking, I didn’t think I could replicate the savory dish. No one makes it like Okaasan.

Or so I thought.

Last week I got a random craving for the soup and decided to give it a shot. The local grocery store had the green onions, a block of condensed curry, and pre-cooked udon noodles. I added some chicken and chicken broth to it, stirred for about 10 minutes, and prepared for disappointment.

Then the first drops of soup hit my lips, and I was transported back to that little restaurant in Kyoto. The flavor wasn’t exactly the same, but it was pretty darn close. I also found after the first bowl (I went back for seconds) that cutting the green onions lengthwise makes a huge difference for some reason.

If you like curry, Japanese food, a little spice, and delicious things in your mouth, I highly recommend trying a bowl of curry udon. My only regret is that summer weren’t just around the corner, as it’s definitely more of an autumn/winter food.

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  1. Well, good news, Jamey. It’s going to be pretty chilly for the next three days. That curry udon is here to stay to warm you up. That picture though does not look very appetizing.


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