More Things I Say in My Sleep

dice-png-25It’s been a few months since I shared some clips of me talking in my sleep, but I’ve accumulated some more midnight mumbles to share with you.

Thanks to my handy Sleep Talk app, I have nightly recordings of all the noise I make while I’m sleeping. Recently I’ve been quite talkative in short, barely cohesive spurts, so I’d love to hear your translations of the following clips:

  1. Uh Oh
  2. It’s a White Die
  3. Still at Once
  4. Even One She’s Supposed to Take It
  5. (I have no idea…this is barely anything, but the cadence of my voice is odd enough to include it)
  6. Slow Down the Last Time We Take a Breath
  7. A Thing to Do
  8. The C Word?
  9. (I think this is a mix of English and Japanese gibberish)

Perhaps my favorite thing about my sleep-talking habit is that I consistently mix English and Japanese even though it’s been 15 years since I studied abroad in Japan. It’s like the language is truly a permanent part of my subconscious.

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