In Which Order Should You Introduce the Star Wars Movies to Your Cats?

img_5773I was introduced to the Star Wars movies later than most kids who grew up in the ’80s. It wasn’t until a summer camp in 1993 that I watched the Episode IV, and I was instantly enamored in the world and the story.

For many years, it was a huge way for my brother and I to connect. We had a book of Star Wars blueprints that was shared and discussed. I designed a game using Star Wars micro-machines, and Star Wars is the only role-playing game I’ve played (though I’d like to change that).

I was there in the theaters to watch the re-release of the original trilogy, and I was there to see the prequels on their respective opening weekends. I loved Episode VII last year, and I can’t wait to see Rogue One this weekend.

We’ve all had different journeys through the Star Wars saga. But we also have the special opportunity to share the movies with our cats in a variety of ways. Is there a best way?

  • Chronological order by Star Wars timeline: Biddy and Walter respond well to structure, and they’re easily confused when a predictable pattern is broken. Perhaps the story is best told in a linear fashion, inserting Rogue One between Episodes III and IV.
  • Chronological order by release date: There’s something organic about this method that I think my cats would appreciate. I really like the lore that Star Wars incorporates–when you see the scroll for Episode IV, you want to know more about the history of this universe. It’s not unlike when Biddy searches for a rubber band I toss to him. He likes the mystery, the journey–it’s not the same if I just hand it to him.
  • Forget the Prequels: Start with Episode IV (or Rogue One?) and move forwards without looking back.
  • Papa’s cut: Are my cats going to know the difference if I shift around various parts of the movies, pulling in key scenes from Episodes I-III from time to time while focusing on the original trilogy and Episode VII? No, their attention spans are too short anyway.
  • New Era first: There’s a whole new generation of cats that started with Episode VII. That’s their context for the films, and I actually think that’s pretty cool. Maybe I should wait to show them the entire new trilogy and then go back to each subsequent trilogy.

In which order will you introduce Star Wars to your cats?

4 thoughts on “In Which Order Should You Introduce the Star Wars Movies to Your Cats?”

  1. This is a simple one – just start at the beginning, and move through to the end. So IV, V, VI, VII. And then Rogue 1, I guess.

    Also, which Star Wars roleplaying game did you play? I still have the old West End version, but there’s been a D20 version, and now the FFG one.

    • That’s a good strategy, Ian.

      You know, it’s been about 20 years since I played it, and we only played a few times, so I’m not sure.


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