I Highly Recommend “Fall Guy”

Normally the title of this post would be, “Have You Watched Fall Guy?”, but not all that many people saw this excellent movie on opening weekend. I’m here to highly recommend it, as I had a blast watching it in the theater. Fall Guy pays homage to some of the unsung heroes of film and … Read more

What Is the Most Rewatchable Movie?

This is mostly just a question for you. I’m curious about what you think is the most rewatchable movie and why. You could also share what movie you’ve actually watched the most (though that doesn’t necessarily make it the most rewatchable). Part of the reason I’m thinking about this is that we’re planning to rewatch … Read more

Saltburn Is an Odd but Memorable Movie

After hearing good things from reviewers about the 2023 movie Saltburn, we decided to watch it this weekend. The result was, quite frequently, “What in the world are we watching right now?” The performances in Saltburn are spectacular. The lead, Barry Keoghan, fully commits to his role as someone who yearns–lots of yearning in this … Read more

Have You Watched Oppenheimer? (My Thoughts)

We rented the movie Oppenheimer over the weekend and cozied up on the couch for its 3-hour runtime. As with any Christopher Nolan film, the cinematography and direction were incredible, and the first 2 hours of the movie raced by–it has a relentless pace. I was surprised that the movie was only partially about the … Read more

Have You Seen “The Marvels”? (My Thoughts)

I’m delighted by The Marvels, the latest superhero movie to hit the big screen. It features a hook I can’t recall seeing before: Whenever any of the three leads uses their superpowers, they instantly swap places. That by itself is quite the directorial feat. Despite the body swapping, the movie does something else I rarely … Read more