The Aftermath of the Hacking

On Saturday morning I made the mistake of trying to open what I thought was a digital game on my desktop computer. Instead, it was a hacker’s software that accessed my Google account, bypassing two-factor authentication through some combination of saved cookies and my current logins, changed my recovery options to truly lock me out, … Read more

Does This App Exist?

Quick exercise: Think of the top 3 places in the world you’d like to visit in the next few years. Where are they? When you’re ready with those locations, think of the people you know who live in or near those places. Unless you were already thinking of visiting those specific people, I bet it’s … Read more

Are You Excited About Fusion?

I love when science fiction becomes real science. The breakthrough this week is that an ongoing, multi-decade fusion experiment–the scientific method takes time–has finally resulted in energy gain. Just a little bit of energy, but enough to show that it’s possible and that the potential is huge. If that potential is fully realized, it could … Read more

Helium-3 and Time Travel

Last week there was exciting news of evidence of more organic matter found on Mars. The twist, however, is that the samples gathered by the rover won’t be available for scientists to study on Earth until 2030. That’s 8 years away! While even looking at those samples seems like a far-future pipe dream, such delays … Read more

What Sci-Fi Project Would You Pursue as an Eccentric Billionaire?

If tomorrow you woke up as an eccentric billionaire–the type found in many works of sci-fi fiction (and increasingly in real life too)–what moonshot idea would you pursue? This is intended purely as a fun, hypothetical question. Real-life people who are in possession of that amount of wealth are the subject of controversy (the taxes … Read more

Would You Drive a Flying Car?

For years I’ve been enamored by the idea of flying cars and jetpacks as viable modes of transportation. I think this stems both from a fascination with futuristic technology and a general dislike of traffic, inefficiency, and wasted space. We’re still far away from flying vehicles as depicted in fiction: Cars that lift vertically out … Read more