Helium-3 and Time Travel

Last week there was exciting news of evidence of more organic matter found on Mars. The twist, however, is that the samples gathered by the rover won’t be available for scientists to study on Earth until 2030. That’s 8 years away!

While even looking at those samples seems like a far-future pipe dream, such delays also work the other way too. Another recent article revealed that China has found a new mineral on the moon, which they found recently while sorting through samples brought back from a 2020 mission.

The samples included a sliver of a crystal that–aside from its tiny size–looks like something out of a sci-fi movie, and it contains Helium-3. If that name rings a bell, it’s because it’s the focus of the first book of Red Rising. That’s what the “reds” are mining on Mars.

These discoveries make me excited about the future, though given the huge gap in time between collecting samples and discovering anything amount them, I have a feeling that the impact of such discoveries may not make much of an impact in my lifetime (though I think they’re still worth pursuing, along with efforts to slow the negative effects of climate change).

What do you think about these discoveries? Has science revealed anything exciting to you recently?

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