How Do You Like the New Format of American Ninja Warrior? (My Thoughts)

Summertime is American Ninja Warrior time, and we’ve watched the first 4 or 5 episodes of the latest season, all of them at the basic qualifying level. The show has made a few key tweaks this season so far (as well as upcoming episodes that are fully head-to-head), and I’m curious about your thoughts on … Read more

Are You Watching the World Cup?

I’m a huge, lifelong soccer player and fan, and I always look forward to the World Cup. This year has been a little odd with the tournament in November/December and the many issues surrounding Qatar as the host, but I still can’t help but be wrapped up in World Cup fervor. Let’s get the obvious … Read more

My Take on Amazing Diving Catches

Every summer, several times a week ESPN will feature a clip of an “incredible diving catch” by a baseball player. Nearly every clip follows the same pattern: A player gets a slightly slow start while trying to judge where the baseball will land, then they kind of fall forward to catch the ball. They’re still … Read more

Have You Watched “Winning Time” or “Hustle”? (My Thoughts)

While Megan was in isolation for COVID recently (she’s doing well now, and I tried to take good care of her), we separately watched two very different shows: She rewatched all of Downton Abbey, and I watched Winning Time. Winning Time is an HBO series that may look like a documentary at first glance due … Read more