The Super Bowl as an Excuse to Play Games with Lovely People

I follow American football, and I’ve probably watched every Super Bowl for the last 30 years. But despite my team being in the big game yesterday, I probably saw less of the game than I have in a long, long time.

The reason? I invited a hodgepodge of friends to come over on Sunday evening, mostly people who don’t actually care about football (which is Megan’s category too). I figured we could eat some good food, hang out, and play some games with the TV on quietly in the background.

That’s exactly what happened, and it was delightful. I say that even though the 49ers lost and even though really only watched the overtime portion of the game. I enjoy hosting, and it was just really nice to play games (Blokus, Ito, Bag of Chips, and Boop) with such a big annual cultural event happening simultaneously. I don’t need to watch every play or every commercial to get value out of the Super Bowl.

Oh, and did I mention that there were children here? My typical game night is all adults, but made this a family affair. It certainly meant an increase in the volume (I think there were around 14 adults and 6 kids), but they did well and were nice to Walter.

I think this may indicate a permanent shift in how I approach the Super Bowl, and I look forward to trying again next year.

What’s your preferred way to watch the big game (or any big game/television event)? Has it evolved over time?

6 thoughts on “The Super Bowl as an Excuse to Play Games with Lovely People”

  1. While over the years it has definitely changed as I lived in VA and spent half the time with y daughter and the other half of the time with my girlfriend, now that I’m back in Philly, it’s an event which my brother hosts and there’s usually t least 25 people, adults and kids…and lots of food!

  2. Before, we would have family over and we would watch together, but this year it was just my parents who booked a flight to the Philippines on Super Bowl Sunday. I was busy doing errands for them so I missed most of the game. My mom watched her Korean drama on her phone during the game and my dad was confused why there was a really long show in the middle; I’m pretty sure he’s watched the Super Bowl before so I don’t know what’s going on there.

    Afterwards, we watched overtime at SF international airport with other fans. It was interesting. The lone KC fan ran around the food court cheering after they won.

    Maybe a quick game during commercials would be OK, but I like watching the commercials.

    • Was Super Bowl Sunday a good travel day? A friend tried going to Disney World one year during the game and found very short lines because everyone was home watching the game.

      • It actually was less crowded than other times. I did finally get Covid though because I took my mask off to eat french fries. And we were sitting at the periphery of the fans.

  3. Haha, I would argue that when there’s a rousing game of Skull King or another raucous trick-taker being played at game night, the volume level is about equal to 6 kids pretending to be Spider-Man. It was a great evening!


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