The Aftermath of the Hacking

On Saturday morning I made the mistake of trying to open what I thought was a digital game on my desktop computer. Instead, it was a hacker’s software that accessed my Google account, bypassing two-factor authentication through some combination of saved cookies and my current logins, changed my recovery options to truly lock me out, … Read more

Hockey, Live Sports, and Beartown

I’m currently working my way through the Beartown trilogy, a novel about a hockey-obsessed small town in Sweden. I’m gobbling up the pages, as the author constantly drops ominous hints at things to come, and I’m fully invested in the characters. For a book about a hockey town, Beartown includes very little actual hockey. That’s … Read more

Are You Watching Survivor 46 and/or Deal or No Deal Island? (My Thoughts)

Survivor is back! We’re two episodes in at this point–both clocking in around 90 minutes–and of course I’m loving it. We’re still getting to know this year’s cast, but there’s such a great variety of personalities and dynamics in play. Last season, Survivor switched to longer episodes, and it worked great. I think the longer … Read more