How Quickly Do You Accept Friend Requests?

Back in the my days of online dating, I was never one to ascribe to “rules” about when to text after a date. In fact, I’d usually send a text within an hour after the date to thank the lady for a good time, and then I’d wait to see if/when I found myself compelled to contact her again.

Basically, I don’t like playing games.

Recently I’ve found that there’s related aspect to my life that, unlike texting rules for dating, has caused me some minor consternation: friend requests on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Here’s the deal: I’m almost always online, so if someone offers me virtual friendship, I’m available to accept right away. It doesn’t take much thought, as I typically befriend people on Facebook if I’ve met them in person and I’m largely ambivalent to LinkedIn, so I’m happy to accept any non-spam requests there.

However, there’s a catch: I don’t want to seem like I’m too eager to accept their request, yet I also want to maintain a clean inbox. So I typically delete the request notification. Sometimes I later remember to accept; other times I forget.

This actually came to light recently because Facebook informed me that I would soon be reaching their maximum of 1,000 friend requests that I hadn’t acted on. I didn’t even know there was a limit!

What I really wish is that there were a gmail filter that could stall friend requests by a few days. That way I could accept all applicable requests right away without looking like the creep who accepts a request 20 seconds after you send it.

How quickly do you accept friend requests on Facebook or LinkedIn? Do you have this same problem? If so, do you have any solutions? Or am I just being ridiculous? That’s completely possible too.