Pet Please #162: Delicate Golden Foil Around Candy Bars

I love chocolate in most forms. But today, while unwrapping a 48% cocoa bar from Endangered Species, I realized that I like chocolate even more when it’s packaged in that delicate golden foil that’s largely unique to chocolate.

It doesn’t even need to be golden, as proven by Hershey’s kisses. There’s something magical about unwrapping (then either unfurling or balling up) the foil. It’s like a fancy present–there’s an air of sophistication about it.

Because of my job, I think about packaging all the time, yet I don’t think I’ve ever seen this type of foil used in board games. It probably wouldn’t make sense environmentally, but we might have to consider it if we ever make a chocolate-themed game.

Does delicate foil enhance the chocolate-eating experience for you too? Are there any other types of food packaging that have a similar effect on you?

2 thoughts on “Pet Please #162: Delicate Golden Foil Around Candy Bars”

    • Yes, Mike! I was going to write the same. Anything chocolate with that golden look and feel basically screams, “I have a chance to be heir to the Wonka factory and fortune!”

      On a side note, I’m fairly certain the “bold & silky” 72% cocoa dark chocolate from Endangered Species is my all-time favorite chocolate. It’s amazing.


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