Biddy’s Birthday and Fatherhood Lite

IMG_4086February 23 is my first (and favorite–sorry, Walter) cat’s birthday.

Biddy Stegmaier turned 8 years old today. I wish the day could have been full of his favorite things, but he had a stomach bug, so treats and certain areas of the house were off limits.

He did, however, spend some quality time on Window Pillow (see photo).

There isn’t much I can say about Biddy that I haven’t already said. He’s such a smart, good, and often funny boy.

I know he’s just an animal, but in my 34 years, this is the closest I’ve gotten to fatherhood. Like, today Biddy was literally walking around throwing up everywhere, but not for a second was it annoying. I just wanted him to feel better. Nothing else matters when your beloved pet is sick. I suspect it’s kind of like that with real human children as well.

So thank you, Biddy, for giving me a tiny taste of the fatherhood experience it. Happy birthday, and I hope you feel better tomorrow.



2 Responses to “Biddy’s Birthday and Fatherhood Lite”

  1. Jasmin says:

    Awww… Poor Biddy. Get well soon, little furry buddy! And Happy Birthday! 😀

  2. Margot says:

    Haw, poor Biddy for feeling so bad on his birthday, But yeah for Jamey for unconditional love for Biddy.

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