Community Is Back…and It’s Spectacular

Community_castphoto-2-720x463One of my favorite shows of the past few years, Community, has had an interesting journey that has resulted in it moving from NBC to Yahoo, of all places.

I’ve had March 17 on my calendar for quite a while now in anticipation for the Yahoo premiere, though I was a little worried it would have lost that Community magic that worked so well for 4 out of the 5 seasons.

Fortunately, my worries weren’t a concern: The show is awesome again. In fact, I laughed out loud at the first two episodes more than most other comedies I’ve watched on traditional television over the last year (except maybe Broad City and The Mindy Project, which are consistently amazing).

The only annoying aspect of the show being on Yahoo is the commercial breaks. I’d rather pay $10 for a commercial-less season or something like that than sit through all the ads. But I watch it on my computer, so I can always do something else instead of watching the same Honda Fit episode for the fourth time.

In case you’ve watched or will watch the first two episodes of Community Season 6, here are my top laugh-out-loud moments/scenes:

  • Chang’s concern that everyone in the study group will be replaced by white people, which Jeff dismisses, followed immediately afterward by the introduction of a new white lady character.
  • All of the montage humor, especially the apology montage.
  • Dean moving in virtual reality, especially since there’s nothing inside of those goggles for the actor to see. The whole cast and crew must have been cracking up watching him act out those scenes.
  • Jeff’s whole bit about how when someone asks, “Who’s asking?”, they instantly identifies themselves as the person in question.
  • Britta saying to Abed, “Don’t make this any more dramatic than it is, it’s a blood oath to defy evil, are you in or out?”

What did you think of the first two episodes? Is Community back in business?

2 thoughts on “Community Is Back…and It’s Spectacular”

  1. Both episodes were fantastic. I kept rewinding to watch the freeze frame of Jeff and the new virtual reality guy over the crappy Clapton (Crapton?) song. And if you watch thru your Roku/TV, there are no commercials!


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