My Greatest Fear #52: Being Unable to Open a Jar

Fire-Grilled-Salsa-047aThere are certain disadvantages that come with (a) living alone and (b) having conspicuously weak wrists.

Yesterday I had a fresh jar of Hacienda salsa that was asking to be sampled. But when I tried to open it, it simply would not budge.

I tried all the usual tricks: I tapped on the lid with a knife. I banged it on the sink. I twisted it with a rubber grip. I stared it down. I walked away as if disinterested and then sprinted back to the jar to catch it off guard. I called it names. I threatened it with things that cannot be unsaid.

I’ve never had a jar this hard to open. After 10+ minutes of trying to get it open, I gave up. I legitimately though that it just wasn’t going to happen.

Because really, what am I going to do? Go door to door in my apartment building asking for strangers to open the jar? When I lived together with a girlfriend years ago, she would open jars after I loosened them. But there’s no option like that when you live alone.

After letting my wrist rest for a while, I gave it one last try…and much to my relief, it opened! Disaster averted.

What would you have done?