The Horror: I Bought the Wrong Flavor of Ice Cream

originalsaltedcaramelMere hours ago, I experienced one of the greatest horrors of my adult life.

After a long day of jury duty (rather, of sitting in a room waiting to be called for jury duty…and never being called), I dropped by the grocery store. As I passed by the ice cream aisle, I thought, “Why not treat yourself to a pint?”

I had heard good things about Graeter’s ice cream, and it was on sale, so it seemed like a good time to try it. One pint in particular caught my eye: mocha chocolate chip. I don’t drink coffee, but I love ice cream that tastes like the smell of coffee.

Before I picked up the pint, my eyes darted to a lower row of Graeter’s ice cream (I wanted to make sure I made the right choice). I saw nothing better than mocha chocolate chip, so I grabbed a carton of it from the lower row.

This turned out to be a dreadful, dreadful mistake.

I spent the rest of the evening thinking about enjoying a scoop of that pint after dinner. I drove to soccer thinking about it. I drove back from soccer thinking about it. I thought about it in the shower. I thought about it as I made and ate dinner.

Did I mention I like dessert? I love dessert. Why did I ever think I should give up dessert?!

The moment finally came when I could dig into the ice cream. I popped the top, dug in the scoop…and I realized that something was wrong. The ice cream had no chocolate chips in it.

In slow motion, I turned the side of the carton towards me. There I saw it: A label clearly stating that I was holding a pint of salted caramel, not mocha chocolate chip.

The horror.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with salted caramel. It was fine. But when you spend your entire evening fixated on the certainty that you were going to put mocha chocolate chip ice cream in your mouth, anything else seems like the equivalent of frozen poo-poo.

The one silver lining to this story is that I actually ate a fair amount of the best ice cream in the world when I was back home in Virginia this past weekend.

Have you ever done this? Set yourself up for something you knew was going to be awesome, only to realize at the last minute that it wasn’t what you thought it was?