Is a Bigger Staff Better?

The other day I was watching an online clip of Conan O’Brien involving him talking to various staff members on the show. In one of the conversations, he revealed that the show employs over 180 people. That number surprised me. 180 people working to create 1 hour of content a night? How is that possible? … Read more

If You Know This Book, You Win

I don’t know why this book popped into my head today, but I haven’t been able to figure it out, and I hope you can help. When I was in fourth grade, I read a book written at the same level of (and in the same style as) books like The Phantom Tollbooth and Roald … Read more

I Heart Supergirl

Last week, CBS and other major networks revealed trailers for their fall television lineups. One of those trailers was so popular (with 10 million views and counting) that it has more views than all of the other trailers from all of the major networks combined: Supergirl. I have to say, I account for several of … Read more

Akira: Not the Movie

I studied abroad in Japan from 2001-02, and I had the good fortune of becoming friends with several college-age natives of Kyoto. It wasn’t uncommon for me to get a text from them that said nothing more than, “We’re picking you up in 10 minutes,” and we’d zip off to some adventure that I only … Read more