I Love This Pandemic- and Winter-Era Restaurant Strategy

There’s an Italian restaurant in St. Louis called Edera that I greatly enjoy, and they recently started posted photos of “chalets” they set up on their large patio. Even without knowing anything else, I was entranced by the idea of eating in one of these: I looked into the chalets and learned that they’re just … Read more

Heads Up: A Restaurant App Idea

Earlier this week, Megan and I decided that we were going to pick up lunch from a local Chinese restaurant on Thursday (today). We don’t always plan ahead for restaurant meals, but it aligned with another errand. We even picked what we’re going to order a few days in advance. Here’s my question: Wouldn’t the … Read more

My Top 10 Favorite Sandwiches of 2018

I discovered in the last year that I really love weird, unique sandwiches and burgers. Fortunately, St. Louis is a hotspot for them, ranging from the daily creations at Hi-Point Drive-In to the monthly specials at Layla to the weekly head-to-head matchups at Bailey’s Range. So today I thought I’d showcase my favorite sandwiches of … Read more