Would You Choose Cookie Dough Over Ice Cream?

Whenever my mom made cookies when I was a kid, my favorite part was cleaning the raw dough out of the bowl with my mouth. To this day, I continue to love cookie dough. In fact, back in the days when my metabolism was a beast, I would occasionally buy rolls of cookie dough without any intention of making cookies out of them.

So it was a welcome surprise to discover that Springfield–where Megan and I traveled to see Jim Gaffigan last week–had a place called Crave Cookie Dough. It looks just like an ice cream shop, except with cookie dough instead of ice cream:

But here’s the dilemma: There’s a gelateria right across the street. On a hot summer day, which do you choose? Cold, delicious gelato or unique, intriguing cookie dough?

It didn’t take long for us to decide to go with cookie dough. Fortunately, we discovered that they had a special that included the best of both worlds: a cookie dough ice cream sandwich. I think the only thing that could have made it better was if one half of the sandwich was a baked cookie. I’d eat that all day. (Perhaps it’s for the best it doesn’t exist.)

As good as the sandwich was, I’d like to go back, as it seems just as fun to order a few scoops of cookie dough in various flavors. Springfield is a long way from St. Louis, but perhaps Crave will open a location here.

Is this something you’ve tried or would like to try? Would you have chosen it over gelato?

5 Responses to “Would You Choose Cookie Dough Over Ice Cream?”

  1. Candy Mercer says:

    STOP IT!!!!! I need this, now.

    But seriously, I would have gone for both LOL.

    And props for your honesty for coming out about buying tubes with no intention of baking them. We have Cougar Mountain dough here, and I am ashamed when it does not make the oven, I even keep up the pretense that it will happen and it never does.

    Hope Biddy is ok.

  2. Mary Gahagan says:

    I would go for cookie dough every time. I have also been know to never get the cookies baked!

    Hope all is well with Biddy.

  3. Nic Woyak says:

    On a hot summer day, I’d be hard pressed to not go with ice cream. But any other kind of day, I think I’d go with the cookie dough. We don’t have a shop for cookie dough where I’m at but there was a stand at the local farmer’s market.

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