Take-Out Staples Falling into Food (My Greatest Fear #67)

Ever since the pandemic began, we have continued to eat food from restaurants once or twice a week…but not at restaurants. We order takeout or delivery to eat at home. Restaurants package takeout food in a variety of ways, and one of my favorites–for environmental reasons–is to use a big brown paper bag. However, there’s … Read more

I Love This Pandemic- and Winter-Era Restaurant Strategy

There’s an Italian restaurant in St. Louis called Edera that I greatly enjoy, and they recently started posted photos of “chalets” they set up on their large patio. Even without knowing anything else, I was entranced by the idea of eating in one of these: I looked into the chalets and learned that they’re just … Read more

Heads Up: A Restaurant App Idea

Earlier this week, Megan and I decided that we were going to pick up lunch from a local Chinese restaurant on Thursday (today). We don’t always plan ahead for restaurant meals, but it aligned with another errand. We even picked what we’re going to order a few days in advance. Here’s my question: Wouldn’t the … Read more

The Best Food We Ate in New Zealand

A huge part of the travel experience for me is trying new food, especially local- and region-specific food. So as Megan and I prepared for New Zealand–and throughout the trip–we tried to gather as many recommendations as possible to try along our journey (both from locals, Google Maps, and TripAdvisor). We were also lucky to … Read more