When in Doubt, Cats

For some reason I haven’t had a lot of compelling topics to write about lately on this blog. Like, I’m watching GLOW right now on Netflix, and I’m really enjoying it, but I don’t have anything specific to say about it. I have 2 episodes left–maybe something will come to me. And I’m seeing Baby Driver on Thursday. Perhaps that will lead to some good blog fodder.

Sometimes I find that posting an “easy” entry gets the muse flowing again, so instead of going two straight days without an entry, here’s what my cats have been up to lately. In fact, the first photo is what they’re literally doing right now as I write this entry.

They’re so weird.

Most of their life centers around their automatic food dispenser, which is only for Walter. Biddy isn’t allowed to eat dry food.

This doesn’t stop him from lurking.

For some reason it’s adorable when I let Walter eat directly out of the container.

Walter usually doesn’t care much about human food, but sometimes he takes an intense interest in it, like this crawfish mac & cheese from Dressel’s.

Here’s Walter’s daytime sleeping spot.

What’s something adorable, weird, or clever your pets have done lately?