Would You Eat This Strawberry?

Or perhaps another way to ask this would be, “Would you pay $40 for 1 pound of these strawberries?”

That’s the cost of these beautiful white strawberries grown in Japan. They’re perfectly ripe; they’re just naturally engineered and cross-bred to be white instead of red.

It sounds like they don’t taste all that different from red strawberries, but I’d love to try one to see if I can detect a difference.

If this is intriguing to you, I highly recommend this 2.5 minute video:

3 Responses to “Would You Eat This Strawberry?”

  1. Joseph says:

    $40!!! And here I thought strawberries were already expensive! 🙂

  2. Sean says:

    Would I buy a pound of them no, would I buy one of them and try it once, sure.

  3. No. They offend both my wallet and my aesthetics! How on Earth do you tell if they’re actually ripe? Although I respect that tastes may differ, I think white peaches and nectarines aren’t nearly as flavorsome as their orange variants and I would expect these white abominations to be the same. Watermelon is also tastier the redder it is. I’m glad to hear they weren’t genetically engineered and all power to the guy, but no thanks. (That said, if someone else shelled out for them, sure, I’d try one.)

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