What’s Your Favorite Chrome Extension?

Have you ever spent an hour crafting a beautiful comment on a blog, a Facebook post, or even an e-mail on a web app like gmail…and then you misclick and lose the whole thing? It’s the worst.

Well, my friends, I have a solution for you that I should have shared years ago, but I’ve simply taken it for granted. If you use Google Chrome on a PC or Mac (I’m not sure if it does anything on a phone), add the Lazarus extension.

Lazarus is incredible. Basically, it saves everything you type into a dialogue box (except passwords? Maybe? I’ve never considered the security concerns). If you make a mistake and lose a comment, you can go back to the same dialogue box, click anywhere inside of it, and then hover your mouse over the icon in the upper right. Click on the highlighted text and it automatically repopulates the dialogue box.

This one app has saved me so much angst. There’s almost nothing worse than spending time and effort to write something and then have to write it all over again. Lazarus prevents that from happening ever again.

What’s your favorite Chrome extension?