What’s the Best Mid-Game Entertainment at a Sporting Event?

If you’ve ever attended a live sporting event, you know that the game is just one piece of the overall entertainment package. There are tons of carefully crafted moments sprinkled into the game, ranging from music to contests to comedy and more.

I attended my annual Cardinals game tonight. Sometime in the middle of the game it hit me just how much effort went into making the overall experience of the game fun for the fans. There are many more people than the 18 or so guys on the field who are working their hardest to constantly entertain the fans.

It reminded me of mid-inning piece of entertainment that I read about a few weeks ago. I’ve never experienced this live, but it sounds incredible–I’d love to see this at a Cardinals game.

At Atlanta Braves home games, there’s a sprinting competition between a random fan and a former college sprinter named Nigel Talton, who goes by the name “The Freeze” for the race.

Nigel and the fan start the race at the left-field foul pole. The fan gets a 40-yard head start along the warning track, and then Nigel takes off. Whoever reaches the finish line near the right-field flag pole is the winner.

I’ll include a video clip below, as it’s pretty incredible to watch. It’s almost hard to see just how fast Nigel is because of the fan’s head start, but it’s impressive that he’s won nearly every race.

I’d love to watch this, and as a former sprinter, I’d love to participate in such a race. It’s a little long for me (I’m faster in short distances), but I think I’d have a chance since my pace for the first 40 yards doesn’t matter.

What’s your favorite mid-game entertainment at a sporting event?

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  1. Joseph E. Pilkus III says:

    That’s impressive…I’m more of a long-distance guy, but I can absolutely appreciate the speed of a sprinter.

  2. I mean, the racing sausages at Brewers games are pretty iconic. And singing Roll Out The Barrel.

    The minor league team in my hometown-The Wisconsin Timber Rattlers-have a bratzooka. It’s basically an air-powered potato gun, except they load it with bratwurst and launch them into the crowd.

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