Did You Look at the Sun Today?

For the last few days, I’ve been a part of so many discussions about how people (you, me, anyone) would look at the sun during the eclipse today. And I just don’t get it. Why would you want to look at the sun, eclipse or no eclipse? Is it part of human nature to do the one thing you shouldn’t do, whether it’s biting a hangnail, feeding a wild animal, or edging as close as possible to a cliff?

So here’s the truth: While I have no interest in looking at the sun, part of the reason that I didn’t care about looking at the sun today is that I had a fairly big misconception about the solar eclipse.

You see, St. Louis is right on the “path of totality.” For about 2 minutes, we were due to have a total eclipse. I thought this meant that the world would be plunged into utter darkness. And I hoped my cats would do weird stuff for a few minutes, like speak in English or get along with each other.

Spoiler alert: None of this happened. Instead, I just sat on my balcony (my back to the sun) for a few minutes while the daylight grew slightly dim–like a cloudy day–and then brightened again.

Now, it’s not that I wasn’t impressed. It was pretty surreal, and no matter how anticlimactic it was, it was still something that only happens every 30-100 years. That’s pretty cool. I like rare things.

In case you want to see the riveting events of my balcony unfold, I’ll post the selfies I took below. How did you spend your solar eclipse?