Nieces and Nephews in St. Louis

I’ve been Facetiming from my home office with my niece (4) and nephew (2) for years now, so they’ve seen every inch of my condo on a tiny screen. I was elated to finally show them a little slice of my life in person in St. Louis this past weekend when they dropped in on a trip all the way from Virginia.

I learned a few things during their visit:

  • If a 2-year-old wants a cookie right before dinner, the only correct answer is no. The wrong answer–as discovered firsthand–is to offer a tiny bite of the cookie, which will promptly set off a maelstrom.
  • Little kids love playgrounds. I remember enjoying playgrounds as a kid, but my level of enthusiasm wasn’t anywhere close to that of my niece and nephew. It just occurred to me now that the City Museum would have blown their minds.
  • The kids were surprisingly good with my cats. I was eager for them to meet each other, and while Biddy was terrified (see photo), Walter calmly sat in the corner and let them pet and feed him.

Here are some of the photo highlights of the weekend. Have your nieces and nephews gotten to see where you live and roam?

3 thoughts on “Nieces and Nephews in St. Louis”

  1. They sure love their uncle Jamie. Reminds. Me of trips years ago when Uncle Buck would get a group and bring them to Spokane. We loved it. Ask you dad about his trip with UB


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