My 6 Favorite YouTube Videos of the Week

On any given week, I may like or favorite 1 or 2 videos. For some reason, though, there are lots of videos that simply delighted me this week, so I thought I’d share them with you. The total viewing time of all of them is 23 minutes, though a few of them only require a minute or two to get the point.

Here they are in no particular order:

1. Slashfilm alerted me to the newly released trailer for Isle of Dogs, a Wes Anderson film, and it looks absolutely delightful. My favorite Anderson film is The Fantastic Mr. Fox, as I think he’s at peek creativity when working in stop motion. I almost didn’t watch this trailer because I already know I’m going to see the movie, but it won’t be released until March 28, so I’m sure I’ll forget it by then so it’ll be fresh on my mind.

2. My favorite ongoing bit on Conan is Jordan Schlansky, which isn’t really even a bit. Schlansky is a quirky producer on the show, not an actor, yet it’s comedic gold whenever he’s on screen. This is one of the videos that you don’t need to watch all the way through to understand, but it’s worth watching the first minute before skipping to the end (there’s no grand punchline, just a sense of accomplishment and appreciation at the end).

3. This video made me supremely happy. It’s a true story about some tourists in Japan and an incredible act of kindness. Because I studied abroad several times in Japan, I’m overwhelmed with something akin to nostalgia and homesickness when I see people in Japan, and I definitely had that feeling while watching this. It’s beautiful.

4. I’m generally fonder of interview clips on late-night shows (compared to monologues or sketches), but this bit on Jimmy Fallon really tickled me. It’s a fake interview between Ben Stiller and Fallon where the audio skips back and forth between the interview and their inner monologues.

5. Okay, one more Conan video. This one features a bizarre but hilarious exchange between Conan and an audience member (not a staged encounter). “You’re a man I don’t know and you’re handing me a flash drive.” It’s great to see Conan off script.

6. Last, this video toes a fine line between an ad for Clash of Clans and a mini-documentary about the power of board games…but it has Viticulture in it, so it’s cool.

What’s your favorite YouTube video of the week?