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3 Fun Videos I Liked on YouTube Recently

In case you missed these recent YouTube videos, here are a few that made me smile, laugh, and/or think recently: Kumail Nanjiani Can’t Make It to Conan A few days ago, actor Kumail Nanjiana was scheduled to appear on the late-night show Conan, but something came up on the set of Silicon Valley that prevented […]

My 6 Favorite YouTube Videos of the Week

On any given week, I may like or favorite 1 or 2 videos. For some reason, though, there are lots of videos that simply delighted me this week, so I thought I’d share them with you. The total viewing time of all of them is 23 minutes, though a few of them only require a […]

My 4 Favorite YouTube Videos This Month

In no particular order: BB-8 droid from The Force Awakens rolls out on stage at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim: I’m proud of myself for not watching a single second of the new Star Wars trailer that was released a few days ago. I did, however, watch this video showing that one of the droids in […]

This Is the Bittersweet

I was going to write a tired blog entry tonight (thanks to Kickstarter, I’m not sleeping much lately…but it’s totally worth it), but then I read one of the most poignant, touching blog entries ever, and I think you’ll benefit more from reading this than anything I could write. I cannot emphasize enough how beautiful […]

Trunk Club Unboxing

Finally, another video blog! This one is a little longer than the time travel vlog and the ladder golf vlog, but I can promise that I edited it quite a bit, so every moment matters. Also, the cats make numerous appearances. There’s even a special “director’s cut scene” at the end, just like the bonus […]

The First Video Blog: I Am Doc Brown

There was a bit of confusion on today’s blog regarding why, exactly, time travel to the past can’t work, so I decided to clear it up…with my very first video blog! I’ve been wanting to do one of these ever since I got the new iPad. Although I’m not a huge fan of video blogs […]