Pet Please #146: When the Past Version of Yourself Comes Through in the Clutch

Past Jamey has been somewhat unreliable for Present Jamey recently, but it’s made me appreciate even more the times he’s come through in the clutch.

One thing that Past Jamey is particularly good at is when I open my last bottle of shampoo or body wash, my last tube of toothpaste, or my last container of deodorant or floss, he’ll go ahead and buy more.

So when the day comes that Present Jamey uses the last of the shampoo or floss and goes hunting for more, he’s delighted to find that Past Jamey has already taken care of the problem.

I think this always makes me extra happy because, well, Past Jamey is me. It feels like a personal accomplishment to anticipate and act on my basic needs, even when in the present, I’ve waited until the last minute to replenish my supply. Also, it’s one less thing I have to worry about in the present since it was taken care of in the past.

What is your past self particularly good at covering despite the shortcomings of your present self?

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