What’s in Your Survival Kit?

It’s been a surreal weekend in St. Louis. The weather was stunningly beautiful here, yet I know that so many people in Florida, Mexico, and Houston are struggling from floods, hurricanes, and earthquakes. Also, by the time most people read this, it’ll be the anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks.

There isn’t a place in the world that is 100% safe from natural and human disasters. So I’ve been thinking about my survival kit: The things I should probably have on hand just in case disaster strikes.

I think the most likely scenario in St. Louis is a devastating earthquake (we’re on a fault line). This would disrupt electricity, water, and internet, as well as potentially food and cell service. The goal of my survival kit would be to live for about a week and keep my cats alive.

All I currently have are some spare bottles of water in the fridge. I would need to expand that inventory to include more water, granola/protein bars, and non-perishable goods. Also, maybe a backup power supply for my cell phone? While I could survive without the cell phone, it would certainly help with a lot of things if I had it. Also, maybe a flashlight and a first-aid kit? Duct tape is almost always useful too.

There are a few kits like this available online, but I’m interested to hear if you’ve created a homebrew kit or have any recommendations. Also, it seems quite possible that I may not even have access to the kit if an earthquake destroyed my building. Perhaps I should bury several kits in various places around St. Louis? (I’m only 99% joking.)